My Pis

I’ve dedicated this page to the different Raspberry Pis I have at any one time. The collection will grow over time (hopefully) and they can be assigned different tasks.

I wanted to name the Pis something other than pi1, pi2 etc., so I asked on Twitter how people choose names for their devices. Someone suggested using characters from favourite films – so I renamed my Pis after characters from The Lion King. I started with Timon and Pumbaa because they have been together for a while now. I’ll probably stick to characters from The Lion King for the Pi devices on the network, and use characters from The Matrix for the rest of the network. That will help differentiate them, and means I can usefully call my switch, Switch.

Pi 3 (Timon) – Webserver

The website you are viewing right now is hosted on this machine. At least for now. There may come a time when the power of the Raspberry Pi 3 just isn’t enough. But for a new site with zero traffic, 1GB RAM will certainly suffice. It also has Redis installed for some playing around, but the web server work is going to be the primary task for it, but that will be removed in time.

Pi 4 (Pumbaa) – MySQL

This Pi is the newer Pi 4, but the 8GB RAM model. This is currently running my local MySQL databases. These are mainly development databases to test the overall performance of the Pi against some MySQL workloads.

Pi 3 (Zazu) – RabbitMQ

This one is an EBay purchase. The description said it had 8GB RAM, it was only after I put my top bid (It was still below the cost of a new Pi 3) in and looked much closed I saw it wasn’t a Pi 4, and therefore wouldn’t have 8GB RAM at all. It looks like the seller wasn’t sure, so put 8GB in RAM as well as Storage, and it did come with an 8GB SD card. This is used as a RabbitMQ server for local testing and general playing around.

Pi 3 (Sarabi) – Redis

I wanted a separate Pi for Redis, and didn't want to spend a lot on it. Redis is pretty efficient, and I don't mind a taking a performance hit with the Pi 3 only having 300Mbps ethernet. A bit of network lag is interesting to work with (and will largely go unnoticed anyway). I got this device from Ebay for a bargain price of £6.50. It was listed as dead, so I might have had a cool looking paperweight. I actually got a fully functioning Pi.

My Pis

Current Pi count: 4
  • Timon (Pi 3) - Webserver
  • Pumbaa (Pi 4) - MySQL
  • Zazu (Pi 3) - RabbitMQ
  • Sarabi (Pi 3) - Redis


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