Imaging a Pi with Fedora

When you get started with Raspberry Pis, you need to create a bootable SD or MicroSD card (depending on Pi model) to boot from. The information on the Raspberry Pi website only provides information for creating images for Windows, MacOS or Ubuntu. So what do you do if, like me, you don't use one of those operating systems?

Fear not! It is not a daunting as it may appear.

If you are running a non-Debian Linux distro, you can get Etcher and create a bootable image by selecting an image and a destination.

The Etcher main screen with options to create a bootable image

That's great, if you are going to be using the Pi with a monitor attached. But what if you want to use it in a headless manner and connect remotely to it? By default, Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian) has port 22 (SSH) closed. You won't be able to connect to it via the network using a standard install.

That's a problem for people like me who really don't want to keep plugging and unplugging keyboards, mice, monitors etc. to the devices. We want to connect remotely and use it as we would a remote server.

That's where the Raspberry Pi imager comes in. While the instructions on the Raspberry Pi website do only cover Ubuntu as far as Linux distros go, installing on Fedora is very similar...

sudo dnf install rpi-imager

The install command for the Raspberry Pi imager on Fedora

You can then search for the imager where you can use Ctrl+Shift+X to open the advanced menu where you can enable SSH. You can also set the hostname (which saves you needing to edit the /etc/hostname file).

Raspberry Pi imager advanced menu screen

So there you have it. Setting up the Raspberry Pi imager on Fedora is easy as...pie.

I'll see myself out.

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