Hello World

Hello, and welcome to my Raspberry Pi blog. This is specifically a sub-domain of my main blog to allow me to keep things entirely separate. That way, I can ensure all things Raspberry Pi related are together, and not lost in the masses of categories on my main blog. At some point I may move these posts over to my main blog, or choose to host my main blog alongside this.

I’ll start (in a future post) by covering ground other posts have covered several times over the years, but I want to work through my process of getting up and running with a Raspberry Pi. Hopefully it will prove useful to newcomers to the Raspberry Pi fan base, and possibly some experience Pi users.

That’s all for this time, but as I have a new Pi coming in the post, I’ll be able to walk through my setup process.

My Pis

Current Pi count: 4
  • Timon (Pi 3) - Webserver
  • Pumbaa (Pi 4) - MySQL
  • Zazu (Pi 3) - RabbitMQ
  • Sarabi (Pi 3) - Redis


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