Creating the Blog

I first had the idea for this blog when I started tidying up my office, and getting a network cabinet. I wanted to be able to put the Raspberry Pi devices I already had (I had a Pi 3 and Pi 4 at the time) to some use. They were sitting not doing much. As part of that process I thought about blogging my way through setting up different things, troubleshooting issues, and general use.

It also gives me a great excuse to buy some more devices, try a few different things out, and possibly get a rackmount for them all.

Because the Pi4 I have is the 8GB model, I didn't want to dedicate all of that resource to a small blog. As such, the Pi3 became the candidate for the blog.

This blog is actually the second iteration of the blog, and it's only been going a week! I first tried running Wordpress as a simple to get going option. It seemed mostly fine for a few days, but kept crashing when I went to add a new post. I wasn't too surprised that it did keep crashing. I just expected to be able to get a few more posts onto the blog before it did have issues.

This isn't an issue with Wordpress. It's down to the technology needed to run a Wordpress blog, and the resource available on a Pi 3. Wordpress is a traditional LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack application. That's quite a lot of things to run on a device with only 1GB RAM, as well as potentially other things on the device.

I chose then to move to a static site generator. This allows me to create the content in simple text files (I use markdown), and then convert that into HTML files which a browser can read. I can update the styling of the site and then re-build the entire content with the historic posts, and deploy that to the Pi running the webserver.

In particular, the static site generator I chose was Sculpin. It's one I covered in my blog post, and I chose it because it uses Twig templating, and is really straight forward to get set up.

The blog itself still runs on a Pi3, using Apache as a webserver. In time I can consider using lighttpd or nginx if I need to use fewer resources, but I'm hoping that simply caching the site on Cloudflare will be enough.

Keep checking back to see what else I try running on Pis, how the collection grows, and any changes I make to the blog.

My Pis

Current Pi count: 4
  • Timon (Pi 3) - Webserver
  • Pumbaa (Pi 4) - MySQL
  • Zazu (Pi 3) - RabbitMQ
  • Sarabi (Pi 3) - Redis


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