This blog is a small experiment to see how hosting a website at home works, when it only runs on a Raspberry Pi. This is a sub-series of my main Development and Technology blog, and will be dedicated to things around the Raspberry Pi.

This blog is in no way associated with the Raspberry Pi foundation, though I appreciate what they do and what they have done to bring small powered computing devices to the masses. The colours in the theme do use the Raspberry Pi branding colours, but this is meant to be an homage and nod to their great work. If this does cause issues for the foundation, then please get in touch with me on Twitter.

My Pis

Current Pi count: 4
  • Timon (Pi 3) - Webserver
  • Pumbaa (Pi 4) - MySQL
  • Zazu (Pi 3) - RabbitMQ
  • Sarabi (Pi 3) - Redis


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