Imaging a Pi with Fedora

When you get started with Raspberry Pis, you need to create a bootable SD or MicroSD card (depending on Pi model) to boot from. The information on the Raspberry Pi website only provides information for creating images for Windows, MacOS or Ubuntu. So what do you do if, like me, you don't use one of those operating systems?

Fear not! It is not a daunting as it may appear.

If ... Continue reading 'Imaging a Pi with Fedora'

Creating the Blog

I first had the idea for this blog when I started tidying up my office, and getting a network cabinet. I wanted to be able to put the Raspberry Pi devices I already had (I had a Pi 3 and Pi 4 at the time) to some use. They were sitting not doing much. As part of that process I thought about blogging my way through setting up different things, troubleshooting issues, and gener... Continue reading 'Creating the Blog'

Hello World

Hello, and welcome to my Raspberry Pi blog. This is specifically a sub-domain of my main blog to allow me to keep things entirely separate. That way, I can ensure all things Raspberry Pi related are together, and not lost in the masses of categories on my main blog. At some point I may move these posts over to my main blog, or choose to host my main blog alongside this.

I’ll start (in a future post) by covering ground other posts have ... Continue reading 'Hello World'

My Pis

Current Pi count: 4
  • Timon (Pi 3) - Webserver
  • Pumbaa (Pi 4) - MySQL
  • Zazu (Pi 3) - RabbitMQ
  • Sarabi (Pi 3) - Redis


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